Computer Network Assignment

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Computer Network Assignment

Computer Network Assignment

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Computer Networking: What Is It and How Will It Work?

A computer network is a system that enables the interchange of data, statistics, and assets across several systems in an orderly fashion. A computer network is a collection of connected devices. These connections guarantee that data is successfully sent between all devices. Routers, switches, hubs, and bridges are used to establish network connections.

The internet has grown to be the world’s most commonly used and accessible computer network software. A computer network is a group of linked computers that exist only for the purpose of communication and notification.

Additionally, computer networks may be categorized according to the network architecture that was utilized to design the whole network. Topologies include bus topology, star topology, mesh topology, ring topology, tree topology, hybrid topology, and hierarchical topology.

Numerous types of computer networks

Computer networks may be classified as follows:

LAN (Local Area Network) SYSTEM

A local area network (LAN) is a kind of network system that is established in a structure and performs a variety of services under a single administrative structure. This kind of technology is often used in government agencies, universities, and academic institutions, among other places.

In most situations, the LAN incorporates a server with shared displays and loading methods.

The number of operators inside a LAN network may vary. Ethernet and Wi-Fi are the most extensively utilized local area network (LAN) technologies. Wireless LAN continues to be chosen over cable LAN due to its success, flexibility, and low cost.

HUMANITARIANITY (Metropolitan Area Network)

This system, like a chain television network, prepares the whole city. It may be recycled in a number of ways, one of which is via Ethernet. A MAN system secures a larger chunk of the network than a LAN but less than a wide area network. MAN connections often make use of heat and wireless laser transmissions to join two LANs. MANs are employed to create a superb speed system for cities and towns because of their average variability.

DESIRED (Wide Area Network)

The term “WAN” refers to a wide-area network, which is a computer network that spans a huge area, which may span an entire country. This kind of technology is used to segment communications. This system changes at an alarmingly rapid pace. As a consequence, operators must make a considerable financial investment to access the network’s services.


This kind of network enables rapid collaboration across several PCs and network devices in a room. The simplest kind of personal area network may be characterized as an individual’s existence in his or her own processor, linked through wireless equipment to a printer that is too devoted to his or her smartphone.

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Computer Network Assignment

Computer Network Assignment

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