Part A – Reflective statement(about 400 words) Reflect on an experience you have had of being a client of a human service organisation (Job Services, Immigration, Medical). Briefly specify the situation and comment on the effect it had on you, positive, negative, neutral. What did or didn’t get done, what would have enhanced the experience and usefulness for you. (Write the reflective statement on a separate page from your essay or provide headings to show clearly where Part A ends and Part B begins). Part B – Essay(about 1600 words) Discuss case management using the topics studied so far specifically: Discuss and critique the theories that have contributed to the evolution of Case Management Discuss the difference between person centred and provider driven models of practice Critically discuss the tensions and conflicts that can arise in practice Develop specific examples to illustrate your conceptual points and demonstrate that you understand their application in practice. Rationale Yourreflectionon your experience of receiving a human service will help orient you to what is helpful and unhelpful for other people who find themselves in this position from time to time. It encourages us to rememeber that we are all people. Theessayallows you to apply case management definitions, systems and theory to practice.You willpresent the theoretical bases on which case management rests. It is important that the marker is able to identify your understanding of the evolution of case management, the person-centred model, the provider-driven model and the tensions that can exist in practice. You will find completing the following topics helpful before you commence assessment task 1. The topics are located on the interact site. Topic 1: Origins and Influences Topic 2: Diverse Definitions and systems. Topic 3: Ethos Topic 4: Supporting theories This assessment task is designed to meet the following Learning Outcomes; be able to articulate the theoretical underpinnings of the functions of the case management model. be able to critique case management systems within agency and community contexts, including provider driven vs client driven case management practices. be able to develop critical thinking and theory to practice application skills. be able to apply appropriate academic writing, referencing and presentation skills. View Less >>
Part-A A few years ago, I developed stress and anxiety due to some family issues. I had started leading a reclusive life. I had lost interest in the day-to- day activities and my confidence level was declining. Mood swings had become common and I could not manage my anger. I met a case manager on someone’s recommendation. The case manager was unknown to me. Initially, I was reluctant in disclosing information Get solution

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