PART A: JOURNAL REVIEW Write a journal review on the following journal article. The article is: Zomerdijk, L. G., & Voss, C. (2010). Service design for experience-centric services. Journal of Service Research, 13(67—82). You first need to locate this journal article in through the library. Please note YOU need to find this article by searching the Massey library data-base.  Choose four other JOURNAL articles to use to read and critique the article. In addition you may use other articles like industry journals or other material but these are not counted as the minimum 4 scholarly journal articles you are required to use in your journal review.  Examples of journal reviews done by students previously will be provided.  Include the 4 journal references when writing your review. These should be cited in the body of the journal review, and listed in alphabetical order using APA 6th referencing style at the end of the review. You may use other references like web pages and industry magazine references but you MUST cite four journal references. Your journal review should include the following main elements. Introduction: Use the main contribution of the article, and the author/s. (150words) Critique: – Evaluate the article’s argument and relevance to service businesses. Use other references to help you evaluate the article. (450 words) REVIEW QUESTIONS ARE OVER THE PAGE PART B: REVIEW QUESTIONS Write 500 words on each of four questions (2000 words in total). You must provide the textbook as a reference in all 4 answers and additionally you can provide any webpages or industry articles you cite as references. You may also use scholarly journal articles but this is not required for the 4 review questions. The questions are: 1.Using Airbnb’s approach to service, what is service from a customer’s perspective? 2.Compare two different services – a government service (e.g. Inland Revenue) and a B2C service (e.g. a Countdown Supermarket) – to show the challenges of different types of services? 3. Write 500 words describing a service concept for a contemporary (modern) zoo. You can use the service concept template in the Assessment 1 Resource Area on Stream to help you create a service concept. You can use a specific zoo you are familiar with to answer this question. 4.Briefly discuss the difference between ‘bow-tie’ and ‘diamond’ customer relations, using banking to illustrate your answer. View Less >>
Introduction The authors of the journal are engaged in examining the fundamental design as well as approach of the experience-centric services. Understandably, the authors claim that in order to promote differentiation and increase brand loyalty, in the contemporary business world, service organizations are taking more concern on managing customer experience. Likely, the authors have pursued a concise Get solution

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