Outstanding Personality Psychology Assignment Help

Outstanding Personality Psychology Assignment Help

Personality psychology is one of the major branches of psychology.  Personality psychology focuses on demonstrating how people are different and unique due to the psychological factors and forces involved.

Outstanding Personality Psychology Assignment Help

Outstanding Personality Psychology Assignment Help

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Personality psychology involves studying and observing people’s personalities and analyzing how these personalities differ in different people. Personality psychology was the original area of psychology.

Personality can be defined as the differences in the characteristic pattern of feeling or thinking of a person as well as their behavior. Studying people’s personalities focuses on a person’s personal characteristics that determine their irritability and sociability. It also involves understanding the different aspects that make a person.

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Sample Personality Psychology Assignment Help Topics

  1. Critical analysis of various factors associated with learning disabilities.
  2. Impact of childhood bullying on brain and growth and development.
  3. A critical analysis of the impact of eating disorder in the society
  4. Are people more likely to marry people with similar personalities?
  5. How does personality affect a person’s use of social media networks?
  6. Is the tendency to cheat in exams correlated to psychologies and personalities?
  7. How do people encounter memories?
  8. What is the effect of grief and despair on a family?
  9. The role and significance of narcissist attitudes in contemporary society.
  10. What are the possible reasons and factors behind a person developing stalker personality?

Personality Theories in Personality Psychology Assignment Help

The study of personality psychology is primarily based on the idea that every person is similar and different to another. Different definitions of the term personality have been proposed. A number of psychologists agree on details that differentiate between the HEXACO model and other personality frameworks.

The H factor is perceived to be the most honest, sincere, honest and loyal. The H factor is linked to unethical, materialistic, criminal and power-seeking habits. However, a majority of the trait models have been criticized for offering very little explanation for the different causes of different personalities.

The main importance of traits is that genetics are the initial influence of a person’s personality characteristics and have the ability to change in a period of five years.  Different age differences present more variables in a family. Twins are studied to come up with good comparisons.

First, twins have a shared environment known as the family environment. However, they could also share teachers, friends and schools. Non-shared environments are totally different environments.

Types of Theories in Personality Psychology Assignment Help

In the beginning, personality types were referred to as the psychological grouping of a number of types of people and are differentiated from personality traits. There are a number of personality theories with many sub-theories.

These theories include:

  1. Psychoanalytic theories – these are the theories that aim to explain the behavior of human beings by analyzing how the different personality components interact. According to Freud, the human personality was divided into three major components. These are the identification, superego and ego. According to Freud, a person’s personality is based on how the three components interact. Initially, Freud proposed the five psychosexual stages that are related to the development of personality. Freud believed that personality of adults depended on their childhood experiences by the age of five years.
  2. Behaviorist Theories – these theories explain personality as the external stimuli effects on behavior. Behaviorist theories were used as approaches to cause a shift from Freud’s theories and models. Personality psychology puts emphasis on both scientific thinking and explanation.
  3. Social cognitive theories – in social cognitive, behavior of a person is explained by a person’s cognition about the world and that of other people. Social cognitive theories are the theories that emphasize on cognitive procedures such as a person’s way of judging and reasoning.
  4. Humanistic Theories – humanistic theories emphasize that people always have a free will to actively play a role in analyzing how a person behaves. According to humanistic theories, focus is put on people’s experiences rather than when they are forced.
  5. Bio-Psychological Theories – biology plays a very important role in personality development. It focuses to determine and identify the role of genetic determinants and how these determinants shape a person’s personality.
  6. Evolutionary theory – evolutionary theory was founded by Charles’s Darwin. This theory determines how a person is different and is based on natural selection. Traits are developed and specific genes come into existence and are based on the environment of a person. It focuses on how the traits help a person to survive and reproduce.
  7. Drive theories – John Dollard and Neal Elgar Miller started with the assumption that a person is equal to the habitual responses demonstrated by other people and their habits. Their work gave birth to secondary and acquired drives. Secondary drives were developed from primary drives and they biologically driven. They often motivate an individual to act without previously learning the procedures. Secondary drives are derived and developed on a number of primary drives. This is to give them persistence and strength.

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Outstanding Personality Psychology Assignment Help

Outstanding Personality Psychology Assignment Help





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