Write an Op-Ed (opinion-editorial) that allows you to demonstrate an understanding of how issues relating to the dignity of the human person and the realization of the common good may be addressed by you in your professional practice now and in the future.You will need to select one issue from the list below that relates to the degree program you are studying and write a concise but persuasive opinion piece on this issue relating to the dignity of the human person and the realisation of the common good that relates to your future professional practice.List of issues• unaffordable health care• health/wellbeing as a human right (violations)• nonqualified commentators/advisors giving advice on people’s health• the “lethality” of loneliness (and isolation)• failing to “close the gap”• cuts in government funding for education• unaffordable education• the task of education (overcoming racism, ageism or sexism)• excessive profits (business contexts)• alienation on social media networks• criminal “youth gangs”• plastic in the (human) food chain View Less >>
Healthcare is basic human right and it must be available to each and everyone in this earth and health care services shall be available to everyone without discrimination about the gender, cast, ethnicity and religion. But in recent time it has been observed that lots of the people are not able to afford the health care due to the increase of the of the cost of the health care and people specially from the developing countries or under developed countries are not able be afford it because they do not have the healthinsurance and not able to pay the huge bills of the hospital. Get solution

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