The term project requires the study of the supply chain of one of the products listed below. PRODUCTS 1. Leather Goods (Handbags and purses or shoes) 2. Furniture (Living room or dining room)) 3. Pharmaceuticals 4. Cruise Lines 5. Steel (Metal – not products) 6. Liquor (Wine, Beer, Whisky, Tequila) 7. Automobiles (Cars) 8. Electronics (TVs or cameras or laptops or desktops) 9. Food (Fruits, Milk, Cheese, French Fries, Rice, Wheat) 10. Jewelry or Watches 11. Movies/Films You will research and collect material and prepare a report. The report length should be a minimum of 25 pages including all graphs, tables and references. Use Times New Roman font size 12 and double spacing. View Less >>
Supply Chain Management refers to the system, its various connections like coordination of people, information, technologies, resources and the various activities which comprise from production of the food to its distribution to the end user. It is basically a very complex process when it comes to the food supply chain management which is part of the operations management. It involves all the people like: sales people, customers, vendors, suppliers as well as the clients. Every stage in supply chain management has its own importance. It starts from the time when the product or the food is produced by the farmers, then the food once produced is purchased from the wholesaler or the retailer which is then sent to the warehouse or the retail Get solution

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