The World Health Organisation (WHO, 2015) has reaffirmed the primary health care approach as the most efficient and cost-effective way to organize a health system. International evidence overwhelmingly demonstrates that health systems oriented toward primary health care produce better outcomes, at lower costs, and with higher user satisfaction. View Less >>
Introduction Most governments identify the significance of public health programs in minimizing the disorders, diseases, disability and ageing effects and other mental and physical state. Public health programs organize vaccinations in the promotion of health. The primary health care has a significant role to play in the improvement process of population health. There are a number of health issues that are faced today like AIDS, zoonotic diseases and waterborne diseases. The chosen area within Primary healthcare is nurses, who work as professionals in taking care of patients and working daily to improve their lives in a better way. Though they face many challenges, besides they have a lot of benefits that are provided to them.  Get solution

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