Nursing is often described as the art of both science and caring. In this course, we introduce you to a framework of caring. This framework can be used as a mindful process to consider the care of others and that of yourself. To provide high quality care,nurses need to practice within professional standards and ensure that their care is based upon quality evidence. Oncommencement of your nursing education, it is essential that you consider the role of caring in forming the basis for providingfundamental nursing care. Your nursing education will help you to develop an understanding of caring from a professionalcontext and help you to develop the skills and behaviours considered crucial in providing quality, evidence-based, and patient-centred care.Related Course Objectives:1. Identify and demonstrate a knowledge of person centred care as they apply to basic nursing skills.2. Enact professional behaviours and communication skills in accordance with standards of practice. View Less >>
Caring and nursing is a phrase that is used to show the kindness and affection towards thehelpless people. The deepest wound can be healed with proper caring and nursing. I have myown personal story on caring my closed one for a year which I want to share. I was a much-pampered child in my home and especially very much pampered by my grandfather. Two yearsago my grandfather met with an accident, he fell from stairs and fractured his hip joint. It wasvery emotional and painful for me to watch him in this condition (Lake, Germack & Viscardi,2016). He was gone through several surgeries at the age of 74. After removal of the plates,doctors recommended him to walk. As I said I have a very emotional connection with mygrandfather I took the responsibility to make him walk. Get solution

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