Part A Task1. Explain the “key” factors (internal/external, Political, Economic, social, technological.) that have influenced the development of Employment Relations in this issue. Include how the different approaches of the current and last government and how these differences could impact the negotiations 2. Identify and define the variousideologies, (for example Unitarist, Pluralist & radical/Marxist frames of reference, Theorist such as Dunlop’s social action theory.etc and the social environment and legislation that have existed in NZ employment relations. AND THEN, discuss which of these have or do influence the employment relationship and negotiations with the Nurses. Part B Task1. Describe the key issues of dispute in the Nurses dispute and Identify a. The parties involved and the required steps in the employment contract negotiation and the dispute. Refer to the legislation. (Don’t forget to identify who the employer is). This includes any state institutions.b. The right to strike the nurses have. When can they legally strike? (Take direct action) – define what direct action and strike mean.c. When can the nurses’ re-negotiate their collective agreement (CEA)?d. How the current negotiation and dispute affects any nurses who are NOT in the union. View Less >>
Part A A.1  Employment relation in any and every organisation are of utmost importance. Employment relation refer to the relationship between the employees and the employers, and how they are supposed to be working together cohesively in order to maintain proper work environment and to ensure proper work ethics are being followed. Every organisation has its share of disputes between both the parties, however this shall not create an environment full of negativity and conflict.  We can study this situation by the example of the Nurse Pay conflict of Otago. This situation as extensively covered by the media for the momentum it gained on social media about how nurses are being exploited in the healthcare facilities with poor or low pay as compared to their colleagues in other parts of the country (Hulahan, 2018)Pay equity is of grave importance and anything that violates this right is to be taken care of immediately. There are several reasons as to why this low pay issue was taken so aggressively.  Political: the political situation of New Zealand played the major role. The new healthcare budget and policies formed were beneficial for the patients as well as the doctors, but failed to cover the nurses in it properly, ensuring a lot of conflict over something which could have been avoided easily without any issues. This soured the relationship of the healthcare professionals with the government, and their employers.  Economic: as mentioned above, while economic reasons were far from understanding and involvement, The new healthcare budget and policies formed were a little faulty and failed to take care of the nursing professionals in the best way one can think of.  Get solution

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