Task Description Using the person-centred health care topic you chose for assessment task 2, write a structured literature review on your topic. Your literature review must address an answerable clinical question. This question must be clearly stated within the text of your assignment. After you have identified your clinical question, search the literature using appropriate databases within the University of Wollongong Library website ( http://uow.libguides.com/nmihdatabases ) and research-based journal articles that relate specifically to your chosen topic (these articles must be available to the marker of this assignment from the University of Wollongong Library). You are required to submit a summary_of your search strategy as part of this assessment task (not more than 250 words). The full detail of the search strategy is already assessed in assessment task 2; there is no need for details in this assignment. Once you have chosen journal articles, write a general critical review of the evidence. This review should include the following components: brief description I summary of evidence; definition of the key terms using appropriate resources critical review of evidence identification of strengths & limitations of evidence indicating the relevance and impact of the findings on the chosen topic and identifying the gap After reviewing the research articles, come to a discussion about your clinical question based on the articles reviewed. Appropriate research resources should also be used to support your discussion. The discussion part must synthesise the findings of all articles that you have reviewed. You must include a table of critical analysis for the three articles at the end of your assignment as an appendix .The critical analysis of each article in the table must have: research design, population and aim, intervention, data collection method, outcome measure, findings,strength and limitation of the study and your own judgement. You can use the sample table from the Moodie site. View Less >>
Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) is the form of lung infection that occurs 48-72 hours of endotracheal intubation following mechanical ventilation in hospitals. Furthermore, studies indicate that VAP occurs frequently amongst patients receiving invasive mechanical ventilation (IMV). VAP significantly contributes to hospital mortality and length of stay in the hospital. Therefore, it worsens the situation of the patient and increases the overall cost of hospitalization. Furthermore, studies have indicated that mortality rate for VAP ranges from 27% and 76% (Ahmed and Mohsen, 2017). It has been known that this high mortality rate is due to the delay in antibiotic therapy being given to the patient. Get solution

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