NURSES 12 HOURS SHIFT AND ITS IMPACT ON THEIR HEALTH,WELL BEING,JOB SATISFACTION AND QUALITY OF CARE TO PATIENTS. its in the form of dissertation, for example- intro , abstract etc. PLEASE FOLLOW THE CRITERIA I HAVE ATTACHED AND DO IT ACCORDINGLY.IF ITS A QUANTITATIVE PIECE OF WORK I WOULD NEED A CHART OR A GRAPH TO PRESENT IT.Harvard.UK needs 12 nursing journals for research in UK with min 45 references of uk.Learning Outcomes : would like the writer to please note these points when he works on the essay View Less >>
Introduction Nurses are required to provide round-the-clock services within their health units that often render their physical and mental well being. They are often required to work for prolonged periods of time (11 to 12 hours) that affect their well being. Moreover, several health impacts have also been evident due to prolonged working hours that overall reduces their efficiency rate. This literature will provide a detailed analysis of the impacts of prolonged working periods on the health outcomes of nurses. Moreover, this literature will also detail about the impact of night shifts on increased prevalence of fatigue and psychological well being of nurses. Their working patterns get altered and affected under the impact of tremendous work pressure due to shift timings. Angina pectoris and myocardial infarction are often the common health outcomes of this prolonged period of work and these will also be detailed in this current literature review. Overall, 12-hour working schedule results in a loss of work-life balance among nurses that overall affects their nursing behaviours and working patterns.   Get solution

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