Essay question Critically evaluate and discuss the above statement. In your essay, you should address the following: • The potential effects of social media on the professionalism of nursing; how nurses’ practice; and patient/family and health care professionals’ confidentiality. • Include the standards, codes, and laws that apply. • Outline your responsibilities as an undergraduate Registered Nurse (RN) student. Eassy Topic:Social Media Sites and Nursing View Less >>
In present time social media plays a pivotal role in all most all aspects of life and nursing is no exception in that case. The social media often presents postings and articles about nursing approaches about the ways of nursing and as talks on other sensitive aspects of nursing. All these are done without any adherence to the Australian Nursing Code of Conduct and are also done without any adherence to the norms and guidelines of nursing as per the Australian nursing law and regulations (Fisher, 2017).  Get solution

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