1. Background The main goal of this section is to identify a problem that is worthy of investigation. An a preliminary literature review is necessary for the purpose of identifying the research problem. The following issues should be considered when identifying a suitable topic. The topic should interest you, professional and general communities; The topic is original; The outcome of the research will contribute to the relevant disciplines; Your personal strengths and weaknesses should be taken into account; You should recognize the limitations imposed by time and research resources; Do not knowingly choose a topic addressed previously unless you have something new to add. View Less >>
Introduction In this research project, there are discussions about the results of thick residual stress distribution for the dissimilar metal weld. The dissimilar welded joints between the stainless steel andnickel-based alloys. The dissimilar metal joints are generally found in piping joints andindustrial applications. The welding of the mock up is simulated through finite element analysisand modeling process. In this report, the thermal analysis has been performed in order to findtemperature and phase dependent material properties. The commercial finite element analysistool ANSYS uses to obtain the numerical result by applying weld heat source and combineconvection, radiation boundary conditions. The residual stress obtained by performing weldjoints to validate the simulation results Alsoufi, M. (2018). The obtained residual stressdistribution can be used for conventional assessment and failure mode analysis of weld joints. Get solution

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