This document contains: Assessment requirementsand background information. Detailed instructions forcompleting the task. A list of resources to assistyou to complete the task. Task DescriptionChoose a chronic condition from the list below – that your assignment will be based on (note that these have specific chapters in the prescribed textbook):AsthmaChronic Kidney DiseaseDementiaSchizophrenia For the purpose of this assignment, you are the nurse educator for a nursing unit/clinic that specialises in the chronic illness you have chosen. To support an ‘in-service’ education session you are to deliver, you have been asked by your Nurse Unit Manager to prepare a digital poster that identifies and makes recommendations on available digital health resources for people with the chronic condition you have chosen. Remember that your audience is other nurses who work in the field.Digital health resources include professional websites and mobile apps, but for the purpose of this assessment, ebooks or journal articles accessed online (academic literature) are not appropriate.What you need to do: 1) Prepare a digital poster using a single (1) Microsoft PowerPoint slidethat provides the following: o An overview of the chronic conditiono An overview of associated risk and protective factors for this conditiono An overview of strategies for promoting health and wellness in people with the conditiono Recommended digital health resources for health professionals and consumers (x 1 each) including details of how to access each resourceo Reference list 2) Following completion of text/visual content, use the narration(or Insert Audio) function within PowerPoint to record a critique of each digital health resource listed on your poster. The critique should explain why it is recommended and consider: o Who is the most appropriate user of the resource (target population)?o Apparent benefits of and limitations to the resource?o What will the user gain from accessing the resource?Important: Ensure that the Audio Icon (speaker) is positioned in the Top Right Corner of your poster so that it can be located, and that it is visible, and functional/audible, otherwise marks cannot be given for the relevant criterion.Template and Video Guide:A Powerpoint poster template is provided in Blackboard, sized AO (84cm x 119cm), which is consistent with professional posters presented at nursing and other health professional conferences. A video demonstration is also provided with instructions to record and embed your audio narration.4 Presentation RequirementsYour poster should use the following headings: Overview of [50 words] Risk and protective factors [150 words]Strategies for promoting health and wellness [200 words] Recommended digital health resources [100 words]References – [10 minimum, not included in word count]Your poster should be displayed in a format that is easy to read and visually appealing. Include images related to the chronic condition and resources you recommend.Use of images should not infringe on copyright, and the use of free (creative commons attribution) images is recommended.Your poster should be presented in a scholarly fashion and conform to the following: You may have plus/minus 100 words of the designated word count, not including the reference list.The length of your narrative in PowerPoint should be adequate to cover the resources being critiqued, but no longer than five (5) minutes in total. References (minimum of 10) according to Vancouver (numbered) referencing only. Please refer to QUT Cite/Write for this referencing convention. Bullet points or numbered lists are only appropriate when listing the relevant available digital health resources for health professionals and patients with your nominated illness/disability. All other text should be written in conventional sentence/paragraph structure.Submit your assignment to Turnitin by the due date/time, ensuring that you upload the original Powerpoint (.ppt) file. Assessment submitted after the due date without an approved extension will not be marked and will receive a grade of 1 or 0%. Please refer to the Faculty of Health ‘Late submission of assessment’ policy and the ‘Application for assessment/ assignment extension form’ located on the Blackboard site. Academic Integrity ReminderThe School of Nursing takes academic integrity very seriously. All work submitted must be your own work, and the work of others must be correctly acknowledged and referenced accordingly.There are serious consequences that will be imposed should you be found to breach academic integrity. Make sure you are familiar with the MOPP C/5.3 Academic Integrity and view the Academic Integrity video and explore the Academic Case Studies available on your Blackboard site. View Less >>
Introduction Asthma is a condition of health  that causes airways a persons swell and narrows for the production of additional mucus(Clinic, 2019).In simple words, it can be termed as a health problem  where a person will face difficulty in breathing(Clinic, 2019). Asthma makes the breathing process difficult which leads to shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing(Clinic, 2019). Asthma is considered as a minor nuisance(Clinic, 2019). Get solution

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