Assessment name: Nursing Priorities – Case StudyTask description: For this essay, select EITHER Case Option 1 (adolescent case) or CaseOption 2 (adult case). Review your chosen case and the clinicaldocuments. Using the clinical reasoning cycle you are required toassess, plan, implement and evaluate your care for the patient. Afteridentifying the relevant assessment data you must identify two (2) priorityproblems for your patient. For each priority problem identified, list two (2)nursing interventions (collaborative/independent) linking to your researchof the literature. One intervention must be nursing led. In collaborativeinterventions, you must focus on the role of the nurse. Include a one totwo line rationale for each intervention. Evaluation of your care isessential.What you need to do: The 2200 word essay should cover the points below:• Introduction (150 words approximately): State an overview of thepatient’s condition and identify TWO priority nursing problems.• For each of your identified priority problems (Approximately 950words for each problem): Briefly explain how it relates to thepatient’s assessment data. You will need to draw on yourunderstanding of pathophysiology to explain the link between theproblem and the patient’s signs and symptoms. Identify TWOnursing interventions to address each problem. Justify the nursinginterventions you will implement (explain what is involved inimplementing the intervention, why it is suitable, any relevantpositive or negative aspects/considerations) and support/justify theuse of these interventions with reference to current evidence-basedliterature (a minimum of 5 current articles for each intervention) .Outline the evaluation criteria/data that would indicate that eachintervention is improving or resolving the identified problem.• Conclusion (150 words approx): Briefly restate the patient’scondition and problems and how the nursing interventions canbenefit the patient’s health.• You need to discuss at least one independent nursing interventionin your essay.• For any collaborative nursing interventions you must discuss thenursing responsibilities and actions in relation to this collaborativeintervention.• Medications cannot be both of your chosen collaborative interventionsfor a problem. If a medication is one of your collaborativeinterventions you must identify an appropriate drug that is likely tobe/or has been prescribed by the doctor. You must consider anddiscuss the nursing responsibilities associated with the medication(action, dose, side effects, prevention and management of same View Less >>
Introduction The essay is about the cases of patients and their nursing intervention. The next case is about Simon Hayes, 14 years old boy, presently suffering from Asthma. His physical examination says that he is Cyanotic. He is highly anxious and unable to speak in full sentences and High work of breathing. According to his father, Simon is reluctant to use inhalers. Recently he has twisted his ankle. As per doctor’s medication, he has been asked to be treated minutely under the supervision of the nurses. Simon is in his adolescence and has been undergoing frequent asthma attack. It has been tough for the parents to identify specific triggers. The sudden triggers of the asthma totally take over Simon, causing him huge respiratory issues. One of the major drawbacks being that he had been undergoing worst asthma attack yet. Sit has been said that it might cause serious cardiac issues an affect is lungs permanently if he has to wait for 45 frantic minutes for it to arrive. The study herein oversees the case study of Simon suffering from Asthma attack and how it affects his health scenario Get solution

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