Nursing Competency Assessment Schedule – NCAS NRSG 140 2 | ACU NCAS 2018 Version 1.0 TO SIGN ON COMMENCEMENT OF PLACEMENT: FITNESS FOR PRACTICE The following is AHPRA’s definition of student impairment. A student is fit for practice if they do not have – “a physical or mental impairment, disability, condition or disorder (including substance abuse or dependence) that detrimentally affects, or is likely to detrimentally affect their capacity to undertake the placement allocated to them”. CONFIDENTIALITY/PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT DECLARATION I hereby declare that I have read the Nursing Student Clinical Placement Manual and understand my responsibilities with regard to the privacy and protection of personal information of the people for whom I care during my professional practice experience placement. I have also read the ACU Student Conduct and Discipline policy and the ACU Social Media policy and understand my responsibility as a student to behave in a manner that is consistent with these policies. As an undergraduate nursing student registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) I acknowledge that my professional practice and behaviour must comply with the following Professional Standards:  Code of Ethics for Nurses in Australia  Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses in Australia  Professional Boundaries for Nurses  Registered Nurse Standards for Practice I am also aware of my requirement to adhere to the Confidentiality and Social Media Policies of the Health Care Agency in which I am practising. I understand that a host organisation has the right to request my withdrawal from their site if I do not adhere to their standards or the professional standards above in relation to professional practice and conduct. I declare in addition to the Confidentiality/Professional Conduct Declaration that I am fit for practice according with the above statement and will notify the clinical coordinator should this change View Less >>
The paper is based on critical thinking, clinical reasoning, clinical judgment, and reflective practice and here Gibbs reflective cycle has been used so that the self reflection about my approach to meet the objectives and the standard of NMBA can be explained and can be discussed. The paper discusses about the objectives that I want to fulfill for the placement purpose and also talks about how challenging it is for achieving the objectives or the targets. The paper focuses on the NMBA standards and there are various or several standards to choose from The first standard is thinking critically and analyzing nursing practice and for this I always try to delve deep into the patient case and also re-analyze my skills, knowledge and expertise so that I can give my best (Gilbert 2016). The challenge here is looking for the loopholes in my nursing practice as all the time it is not possible. The 2nd standard I aspire to achieve includes engagement in therapeutic and professional relationship Get solution

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