New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 6) DBN602: Business Communication Term 3, 2017 Level 6 Course Credits 20 Assessment 3 Individual assignment Assessment Credits 5 Assessment Type Report Paper Weighting 25% Due date Week 10 Marks available 50 Instructions for open book assessments: 1. Ensure your name, student ID, lecturer’s name and date is entered on this page. 2. Read the instructions carefully. 3. This is an individual assignment. Formatting instructions: 4. You must complete each task on your own and you are encouraged to conduct your own research based on class exercises, handouts, notes and external sources as a support tool. 5. If any question is unclear, consult your lecturer and they will clarify the question for you. 6. Anything that is not your own work must be acknowledged through referencing. Plagiarism and cheating would be dealt with zero tolerance and you would fail the assessment. 7. Appropriate “APA” referencing and citation must be provided. 8. A soft copy of assignment must be submitted on Turnitin by the due date and a hard copy must be submitted to the lecturer on date advised by lecturer. 9. Be advised that any similarity rate 25% or above will result in zero marks as stipulated above. 10. Late submissions may be accepted with a deduction of 10% for up to 5 days from due date. Student Undertaking: We have read and understood the instructions for the open book assessment. DBN602 Business Communication Level 6 Course Credits 20 Qualification Credits 5 Course Aim: Students will apply communication techniques and skills in the evolving context of New Zealand businesses. The module includes research, evaluation, and techniques for communicating information on an entity’s performance. It also encompasses developing and maintaining strategic business relationships with stakeholders for the efficient and effective performance of the entity. Learning outcomes assessed: Learning Outcome Five Analyse complex situations and challenges in business scenarios to provide solutions to issues. Learning Outcome Six Use problem-solving skills to resolve complex situations for efficient and effective performance of the entity. Graduate Profile Outcomes: GPO SIX • Core cognitive skills • Apply analytical and problem-solving skills to resolve complex situations and challenges for efficient and effective performance of the entity. Student Name Student ID Student Signature Date Assessor Name Total Marks / 50 Assessor Signature % Weighting / 25% ASSESSMENT 3: CRISIS COMMUNICATION REPORT This assessment is designed to measure your critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as your ability to analyze complex situation and challenges. Instructions: Choose an organization from a list (provided to you by your lecturer) of NZ companies that experienced a scandal, issue, or negative publicity in recent years. A copy of an article discussing the scandal will also be provided once you have chosen a company. Your task is to write a report that aims to solve the crisis more efficiently, as compared to how the organization managed the issue. The report must also contain 2,000 to 2,500 words, excluding the cover page. The cover page should contain the following information: • Student name and ID • Lecturer’s name • Word count • Date submitted • Course code, title and assignment title The report outline should follow the format below: Sections Description Marks Executive Summary Summary of the report that highlights key components/parts 5 Opening Provide a brief introduction of the organization you are assigned with and identify the origin and context of the issue 10 Analysis Analyze what had gone wrong, what went well, and what are the points for improvement 15 Recommendations Recommended set of actions for the organization to undertake to solve or respond to the scandal/issue 10 Conclusion Conclude your report by tying up your introduction with the key points of your report 5 References At least 3 academic sources included, following proper APA (6th edition) format 5 SECTION INSTRUCTIONS and COMPONENTS MARKS View Less >>
Executive Summary The report underlines the study of an incident where the players of the New Zealand Warriors rugby league club were banned from playing next matches and were punished for breaching the club standards along with keeping in mind the health hazards that the players may face due to consumption of prescribed medication mix with energy drinks in a nightclub. Rugby is one of the favourite sports of New Zealand and has a huge fan following. At the same time, this game is characterised by severe Get solution

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