1. Read the plan Victorian public health and wellbeing plan 2015-2019. 2: Prepare your written assignment (your Health Plan Review) 2.1 Introduction to your assignment and summary of the Health Plan (approximately 100 -150 words) Your introduction should explain the purpose of your assignment (aka the Health Plan review) and outline its structure. You should give a brief summary of the Health Plan and then tell the reader what priority area, at-risk groups and determinants you will be focusing on in your assignment. Example (rough notes only): The following assignment will focus on (state the Health Plan you’ll be focussing on, and add its citation in brackets afterwards)… This assignment will firstly provide an overview… The assignment will then detail … The following at-risk groups and three determinants of health … will then be critically analysed … 2.2 Description of the overall plan, the determinants of health and how they influence the population groups (approximately 200 – 250 words) Your description should outline the plan (Victorian Public Health & Wellbeing Plan), what it is, who it is targeting, the main aims of the plan and what those aims hope to achieve. Explain in your own words how this plan will improve the health of specific Victorians and describe the at-risk groups mentioned in the plan as well as the relevance of the determinants of health to the wellbeing of the population groups targeted by the Health Plan. Remember here you need to introduce the determinants of health – explain what they are in your own words with supporting literature. NOTE: The Victorian Public Health & Wellbeing Plan needs to be referenced throughout this section. Example (rough notes only): The overarching aim of … is to … The plan focuses on the following key priority areas and target groups … Determinants of health are …. This plan acknowledges that determinants of health … Specific population groups … The effectiveness of this plan will be evaluated 2.3 Description of one priority area and two at-risk groups (approximately 200 – 250 words) Choose one of the below priority areas (as outlined in the plan):  “Preventing violence and injury” or  “Tobacco free living”. Describe the priority and the actions outlined in the plan (for example, what is your chosen priority, why is it a priority, and what are they planning to do?). Identify two at-risk groups (e.g. adolescents; adults; older adults) relating to this priority area. Describe why they are experiencing poorer health and wellbeing outcomes. *Nursing students can choose either priority but you must focus on Indigenous at-risk groups. NOTE: You should bring in supporting evidence in this section as well as in section (2.4). Example (rough notes only): The priority are…. will de discussed in this section, with a focus on the two at-risk groups…. This priority area focuses on ….and aims to achieve…. The at-risk groups associated to this priority area have poorer health outcomes…the evidence suggests this is because…The actions outlined to address these issues include …. They will be targeted through 2.4 Discussion of three relevant determinants of health (approximately 650-700 words) Outline which 3 determinants you are focusing on (1 x social, 1 x biological and 1 x environmental) and detail how these determinants are linked to the priority area and the associated health outcomes for one (1) of the at-risk population groups you discussed above. Please ensure you choose 1 social, 1 biological and 1 environmental determinant as part of your discussion of 1 at-risk group. Example (rough notes only): The 3 determinants to be discussed include … they are linked to this prioirty area and at-risk group because…this group experiences ….health outcomes and these determinants impact this because… As a starting point to find relevant supporting evidence, access week 2 determinants resources, week 4 Indigenous health resources, week 7 and week 8. You should also engage with the resources from the Deakin library and appropriate government sites including current census data and AIHW.] NOTE: You must support your arguments with (6) relevant and current academic sources of evidence. Remember this is a minimum requirement for this assignment – you should bring in extra sources here and in section. 2.5 Conclusion (approximately 100-150 words) Summarise the main points discussed in your assignment (your Health Plan Review) without introducing new ideas. Example (rough notes only): This report has … It has demonstrated through the investigation of … that health outcomes vary across population groups… The report has focused on … to illustrate how and why these impacts may be occurring through underlying determinants. View Less >>
In this report, we discuss the general outline of the plan. The key priority areas for improvement as identified and then we discuss one of these areas called Prevention of injury and violence. There are several at-risk groups identified according to this plan but this report focuses only on two such at-risk groups. Three different determinants of health, one belonging to each of social, biological and environmental types will be discussed in detail. Literary evidence supporting these determinants and actions planned towards improving health is detailed. Get solution

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