Discuss the concept of holistic nursing care in mental health. Is it more or less holistic than other nursing disciplines? Explain your response. Discuss this statement and identify factors that contribute to mental illness. In your answer, you should also discuss why a physical health assessment is important when assessing and caring for a person with mental illness. Given that mental health consumers such as Hillary might not always present with a clearly defined set of symptoms, discuss how Lucy would assess and identify the issues affecting Hillary. Consider co-morbidity (mental illness and substance misuse) on a person’s mental health and wellbeing. Outline the potential impact and/or adverse effects that substance misuse may have on the physical, psychological and social wellbeing of an individual. View Less >>
Holistic nursing care in mental health is all about providing positive care, support and backing to the mental health patients so that they feel hopeful and also there is a change in their mental health condition and behaviour. Lucy here aims to provide holistic nursing care and thereby visits the patients in their community and try to connect with them and induce hope and positivity in them (Alligood, 2017). Being mentally ill one has inactive life and that can be the cause of an unsteady life giving rise different forms of physical ailments (Happell et al., 2015). With a positive mindset, there is a positive vibe in the mind and body of the person and thus the chance of developing illness is also rare. It is in this case that Hillary provides a clear set of issues that she is facing and in that context, it becomes all the more easy for Lucy to assess and identify the issues affecting Hillary (Happell., 2015). Lucy can assess her condition by talking with her, building a trustworthy relationship with her and through other measures. Wellbeing and mental health both are compromised due to Substance misuse and this is very dreadful and adverse for a person (Townsend & Morgan,2017). With Substance misuse, one can lose his mental wellbeing and physical wellbeing as well and this is not at all desirable for a person and this can have long term adverse or negative impact on the person concerned (Hunter et al., 2015). Due to Substance misuse, Dean can go into severe depression or can also develop very violent behaviour and attitude and these are not at all expected or desired (Townsend & Morgan, 2017). Get solution

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