You are required to research recent news articles and other information about the National Australia Bank. You must then draft a Code of Conduct for National Australia Bank that specifically addresses: A. discrimination. exploitation. corruption. Dishonest and Fraudulent behavior. Whistleblower protection. Enforcement View Less >>
Introduction: The given assignment mainly focuses on multiple issues related to the application of the numerous code of ethics in the National Australia Bank. In the present time, the National Australia Bank is quite unsuccessful to perform ethics that is significant for the credibility of the organization. For any organization, it is not highly possible to maintain a higher position that is crucial for the long – term success while following the behavioral and professional conducts. While performing the assigned duties, always act with honesty and without partiality. The code of ethics must always promote the trade of bank with the faithfulness, genuineness, and competence while transferring necessary information to the employees and the customers of the National Australia Bank. Get solution

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