Mycology Assignment Help

Mycology Assignment Help

What is Mycology?

Mycology is a branch of biology that mainly deals with studying fungi. Fungi are a source of food and are highly versatile organisms. However, fungi can still be toxic and are known to cause diseases.

Mycology Assignment Help

Mycology Assignment Help

Some benefits of fungi are their antibiotic properties and very important secondary metabolites. Until a few years ago, fungi were largely classified under botany, however, it would later be discovered that evolutionary fungi are actually closer to animals than plants.

Western medicine and mostly Chinese medicine rely greatly on fungi. In addition, modern allopathic medicine has embraced the use of fungi. From the stated facts, it is obvious that fungi need to be closely studied. As symbionts, fungi play an important role on the earth.

Due to their ability to breakdown poisonous chemicals that cause pollution, fungi play an important part in pollution control. As a result, we can conclude that fungi are important in controlling carbon cycle.

It is a belief for some scientists that fungi have the ability to save the world from pollution.  In the recent days, edible fungi that are very nutritious have been studied. These fungi do not require special conditions for them to grow.

Medical mycology is the branch of mycology that focuses on the disease-causing fungi. In the past before cure was found, fungal diseases had given doctors sleepless nights. Aspergillosis and candida are the most common fungal diseases. The severity of diseases caused by fungi range from mild infection to fatal diseases.

The ability of fungi to easily adapt is responsible for causing severe diseases while on the other hand it is the same characteristic that makes us consider it as food. Fungi can easily survive and thrive in very harsh environments unlike other disease-causing virus and bacteria. This is so because of their ability to adapt.

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Importance of Mycology


Mycotoxicologyit is the sub topic of mycology that focuses on poisons caused by organisms known as mycotoxin. Mycotoxins are poisonous to vertebrates. It is difficult to characterize and order mycotoxins. Mycotoxins have different compound structures and usually create very distinct species that are contagious.

Types of fungi covered in Mycology Assignment Help

There are different types of fungi also known as phylum. These types of fungi are Basidiomycota, Chytridiomycota, glomeromycotan, Zygomycota and Ascomycota.

Chytridiomycota – these are microscopic fungi that live in water and are asexual. They use flagella to produce spores. It is said they are responsible for fungal infection of the skin.

Basidiomycota – these are the most common type of fungi. Common type of Basidiomycota are mushrooms.

Glomeromycotan – these are the fungi found in the soil. They are good fungi. They extract minerals from the soil and are therefore a source of nutrients. They reproduce asexually.

Ascomycota – ascomycota are responsible for causing diseases animals, plants and human beings. They cause diseases such as ringworms, ergotism and athlete’s feet. Female reproductive organs and the respiratory system are usually affected by a type of ascomycota known as candida albicans.  They reproduce asexually and use reproductive sacs to produce sexual spores.

Difficulties faced by students in Mycology Assignment

Fungi are very adaptive in nature. Due to their high adaptability ability, tagging all species of fungi is close to impossible. Fungi are always such mycology students need to remain updated. their knowledge of fungi needs to be frequently updated.

Identifying different fungi is also difficult and makes mycology a relatively difficult subject. In addition, studying mycology involves actual seeing and viewing of the fungi since fungi need to be seen to be identified.

Mycology therefore is a time-consuming subject and most students do not much time at their disposal as they have other responsibilities besides studying. Students often are required to balance between class work, their assignments and extra-curricular activities. A number of them also have part time jobs.

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Another challenge that is common for students is that mycology keeps changing as fungi are very adaptive. This means that students need to frequently have access to updated information. Keeping up with the ever-changing database of fungi is a big challenge for students.

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Mycology Assignment Help

Mycology Assignment Help

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