Include one paragraph for introduction in which state what you aregoing to present (The ethnic turks presented by MRF). Another paragraph about the renaming process, which is a key factor in establishing the Bulgaria party, MRF. You have to include that there is a war during that time in Yugoslavia. The main argument is that ethnic parties are banned by the Bulgaria constitution and the paradox is that how MRF is still in the parliament. Include a paragraph for the ethnic turks (by what percent they are represented in the country). View Less >>
In this paper, a discussion is made about the rights and freedom of the ethnic Turks that was presented by the MRF. Here in this project the discussion would be about the political representation of the Ethnic Turks, there level of increased tolerance, social integration and also their high level of unemployment.The MRF party seeks to present the people of Bulgaria and recognizes themselves as the EthnicTurks. The chair person of the MRF party was an Ethnic Turk himself known as Ahmed Dogan.It was also found that almost all the famous workers of the MRF party were an Ethnic Turkthemselves (Rashkova & Zankina, 2017). The different functions carried out by this political party were observed to restrict to high level of Muslim population only. The people of Turkey were used regularly for election campaigns and they mostly won in the area which comprised of ethnically mixed people. Thus the MRF party was created based on the ethnicity and it acquired all its strength and power from the ethnic minority group. Get solution

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