The complainant, Derwin Pratt is a dental surgeon employed by the River CityOral Surgery Clinic (RC), which is a privately owned Alberta clinic that performs various oral surgery procedures. RC requires as a condition of employment that surgeons working at the clinic test‘negative’ for HIV. This is an ongoing requirement and the complainant was aware of this policy when he accepted a written offer of employment from RC and agreed to regular testing. He was employed by RC for three years before testing positive and his work performance had regularly been reviewed as ‘excellent’ in the years leading up to his positive test. View Less >>
This case is about Mr Derwin Pratt, who is a popular dental surgeon working in the River CityOral Surgery Clinic which is a private clinic. This clinic has major expertise in the extractions, jaw surgery, implants, and root canals. RC always works with the condition that the surgeon working under their clinic must have negative HIV. This is compulsory for all the patients. But after four months, Mr Derwin has tested HIV positive which is against the company rules and regulation policy and after sometime, he got terminated from the course of the employment. The case could be presented as per the legal laws and principles set by the government for all the employees equally. It is the duty of the employer to work as per the identified laws and legislation. Derwin Lawyer can present multiple legislation to justify themselves correct at all levels. Get solution

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