This assessment has been designed to help you develop a public health intervention to address the nutrition-related needs of a specific ‘special population’ group. Once you have identified a nutrition-related problem you need to develop a public health initiative to address the problem. You need to present your ideas to a review panel through the production of a 20minute PowerPoint presentation. You need to provide a voice-over to yourPowerPoint slides. View Less >>
Nutritional Iodine Deficiency in New Zealand population leading to Hypothyroidism   Introduction to the Issue: Iodine is a very essential component for humans. It is required in small quantities as is an important constituent of thyroid hormones. (Chung HR, 2014) . Thyroid hormones help in normal metabolism and also support normal growth and development in individuals. The serious health effects of iodine deficiency include disorders such as goiter (swelling of the thyroid gland), which further leads to underactive thyroid gland wherein the thyroid hormone is not produced in enough quantity. This condition is termed as‘Hypothyroidism’ (Chung HR, 2014, Zimmermann MB andBoelaert K, 2015) Get solution

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