Executive summary In this report, a brief overview of a hypothetical problem is provided. The report covers the complexities in the operations of management and identifies the key themes, unintended and intended consequences and proposing a holistic solution to the problem with the help of the System Thinking lens. The main purpose of the report is to identify and analyze the System Archetypes which might impede the performance of the emergency department of a public hospital. Introduction/Background This report is based on the scenario in which there is a need to consider yourself as a team member of a team which is responsible to manage the operations of an emergency department of a public hospital. The emergency department of the public hospital ha received feedback from the patients in which they suggested that the patient’s waiting time should be reduced or improved. The functioning of the whole department can be viewed from the value map of the hospital which provides the material and information of flow of the hospital. System Archetypes are common ways of analyzing an organization. Such archetypes help in providing a view at the behavior that occurs and links these systems to the underlying organizational structure. An organization can deploy such archetypes prospectively or diagnostically. The present behavior for discovering the reason behind the functioning of the organization can be examined diagnostically. The archetypes also help the hospital managers to recognize the patterns of behaviors which are currently there in their organization. Identification and analysis of the System Archetypes which might impede performance: Since there are basically ten types of System Archetypes which are generally considered to form the set of tools and which shows patterns of behavior in the system. So for identifying and analyzing the System Archetypes that can help in impeding performance can be selected from the following: Attractiveness Principle Accidental Adversaries Growth and Underinvestment Fixes that Fail The tragedy of the Commons Success to the Successful Escalation Eroding Goals Shifting the burden Limits to Growth This report also includes the analysis of the current state value system map of the emergency department based on System Archetypes. The information regarding this value map can be attained through the following: This section of the report also includes the discussion on the intended as well as unintended consequences of the enhanced system. Conclusion In the end, the entire report is concluded which covers information about all the sections of the report. It concludes the information regarding identification and analysis of the System Archetypes which can help in impeding performance. This report also concludes the analysis of the current Value Stream Map used by the public hospital. Along with this, the recommendations regarding the new state value stream map with the desired reduction in turnaround time of patient is also concluded. Recommendations: This section of the report includes the recommendations regarding the new state value stream map which can be used by the public hospital for reducing the waiting time of patients. References This section includes references which should be done in APA format.

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