The assessment task requires you to search and locate ten (10) sources in total that will be useful for completing your proposal and report for Assessment 2a and 2b. All resources must be from reliable academic sources, such as articles or academic journals. These resources must relate to your topic, which is implementing a digital communication strategy within an organisation. Therefore, it is important that you have thought about what type of strategy you wish to focus on before you start your research. Some examples you might consider include: Using Social Media in the workplace to communicate Communicating companywide employee recognition Boosting workplace motivation through innovative communication tools Implementing instant messaging/group messaging, discussion forums and chatrooms in theworkplace Podcasts, internal blogs/ vlogs as a means to communicate to employees Using an internal intranet/social intranet for employee interaction View Less >>
INTRODUCTION The report has discussed various journals and articles in relation to the use of social media at the workplaces. The sources have bene chosen so that a detailed analysis about social media can be done. In addition to this, a source analysis for each of the journal has also been done. The benefits, challenges have bene highlighted through this study.JOURNAL 1Workplace impact of social networking. Bennett has featured the effect which has been caused by person to person communication at the working environment is and how it is being utilized as a compelling business device. The examination has investigated the linkage between the long-range informal communication and society of the association and the discoveries have shown that the advantages and weaknesses of person to person communication at the working environments must be produced more (Bennett, Owers, Pitt and Tucker, 2010). A portion of the associations have begun making utilization of these informal communication advancements, yet obstruction, dread and dangers are deflecting different associations to make utilization of the online life organizing. Craap Test Currency: This is a recent journal which was published in Property Management in 2010.•    Relevant: this is very much relevant to the area of discussion as it talks about dual effects of social media at workplaces.•    Authority: This journal is co-authored by researchers like Bennett, Owers, Pitt and Tucker•    Accuracy: this seems to be accurate and this is also supported by many references.•    Purpose:  The article has helped in getting a comprehension about the drivers of progress and the boundaries to change and has investigated that why certain association are rebuilding and disallowing interpersonal interaction at working environments. Get solution

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