This is an annotated bibliography. Your task is to compile an annotated bibliography of five recent (2014-2018) peer-reviewed journal articles from the list of journals provided. You cannot use articles from any other journals and you can not use the journal articles that are on the unit Moodle site. You must include the Doi for each journal article in the reference list. Identify five (5) journal articles that match the first five topics of this unit. That is, you must find one journal article per topic: Organizational structures or governance, Environmental forces, Risks confronting the firm. Organization and business practices, and the function of diverse firms. You should search the library databases via the online‘advanced search’ function of the CQUniversity library. By choosing the ‘advanced search’ function you can select the actual journal you wish to search. Task 2 and 3: Write a short introduction discussing why the contextual factors are important to organizational decision making. Defines the main contextual factor being discussed in the journal article, Discusses the new findings in relation to the contextual factor, and Highlights what these findings mean for managers in organizations. Task 4 and 5: Write a short conclusion recommending one specific contextual factor as most important to the Big Four banks’ organizational performance. The Big Four banks are the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), Westpac, the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) OR theNational Australia Bank (NAB). Explain your reasoning. Write a reference list correctly: It must use the APA referencing style, Each reference appears before each annotated bibliography. It has a hanging indentation. View Less >>
The given assignment will discuss factors which are highly crucial to the organizational decisionmaking. It is to be argued that environment forces, managing the risk, ethical organizational practices, and environment impact the overall decision making of any organization. In this paper, we will conduct an annotated bibliography which will include five peer-reviewed journals. For the success of the organization, it is highly crucial to have high command on the decision making at all levels. Good decision making helps the company in providing excellent quality to its customers or users. Risk management is crucial for the organization to avoid uncertainty which can influence the overall business at all levels. For a manager, managing all the essential factors will help the organization in balancing both internal and external upfronts. Get solution

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