For this assignment, review a current issue in management using a recent late July to December 2018 or 2019 newspaper article and scholarly publications to summarise the issue and make an argument for or against the view given in the newspaper article. Students are to select an article related to one of the following topics: Topic 4 Mentoring for effective workplace behavior. Your essay should first overview the topic you are exploring. You should then state an argument for or against the position taken in the newspaper article,• You can then discuss the implications of the newspaper article based on academic research and the position you have taken. Your research should include your current textbook and recent peer-reviewed journal articles. At least eight (8) or more different, relevant scholarly articles, the current textbook, and the newspaper article. View Less >>
In the current era, one of the core factors that businesses pay attention to is to gain competitive advantage and sustainability in the market. The current business world is challenging and thus, the need for competitiveness is even more for the businesses. In this regard, the importance of stakeholders shall be mentioned because their satisfaction contributes to the well being of a business to a great extent. Studies have found that the well being of an organization is always determined by the extent to which its stakeholders are satisfied. As a result of the satisfaction of the stakeholders, there is always a better impact on them and thus, the company gains profitability and economic betterment. Get solution

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