Write an essay on the following topic:A medically supervised injecting facility has recently been established, as a two-year trial, in North Richmond, Victoria. The development and subsequent implementation of this policy has taken more than 20 years to be achieved. In this essay, you are required to:1. Describe the legislation and regulation that enabled the establishment of a medically supervised injecting facility in Victoria.2. Analyse the development of the medically supervised injecting facility policy inVictoria. In doing this, you need to discuss the following:o historical development of the policy until its recent implementation;o describe the international and national evidence (if any) that was used to support the development of this policy;o summarise the political and social context that impacted on the development of the policy;o identify the barriers to and enablers of policy development and implementation;o identify the main actors either supporting or opposing the policy, and discuss their roles, responsibilities, partnerships and interests in supporting/opposing this policy.3. Identify the financial and human resources made available for implementation, and by whom? View Less >>
The paper is based on the topic, “medically supervised injecting facility in Victoria” and thereby brings in several important points for discussion and analysis. Medically supervised injecting facility is all about the provision of injecting drugs under the supervision of health professionals and the medical staffs so that a safe injecting process can be maintained. Medically supervised injecting facility is important for the safety and wellbeing of the humans and so that there is no scope of any negative impact or outcome. The paper revolves around the idea of medically supervised injecting facility and in the same time also talks about legislation and regulation behind it. The rationale of this topic is based on the relevance and the necessity of medically supervised injecting provision and also is based on analyzing the relevant law and policy associated with it. The purpose of the paper is mainly to delve deep into the aspect, medically supervised injecting facility and to know about the outcomes of medically supervised injecting facility. Get solution

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