Assessment 1-Construct a scenario that provides the background of a client who fits within one of the ‘special populations’ covered in Section Two of this course. Assessment 2-Discuss the dietary and exercise requirements for your client, based on the MOH dietary guidelines and academic literature. Assessment 3-Write an individualised dietary plan for your client, covering a 24-hour period. View Less >>
Stephanie is a 29-year-old female, who works at a college as a professor of Business Studies. She exercises regularly and cycles down to her college from her residence, which is almost 8 kilometres away from her place of residence. She is 1.8 meters tall and weighs 70 kg. She is moderately physically active, with a Physical Activity level of 1.6. Her estimated energy requirements are 15199.68 kJ/day. She is physically fit and nursing a baby of 5 months, whom she had delivered through C-Section. She is mildly lactose-intolerant and so tries to avoid dairy products in her diet predominantly. She lives with her husband in a plush apartment in a posh area. Stephanie enjoys music and gardening in her spare time and during weekends. She works hard for reducing her post-partum weight; for this reason, she had recently joined aerobic classes on her weekends and resorted to mild-physical exercises and diet on other days. Strict dieting is not recommended for her since she is lactating. Get solution

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