MAT232: Statistical Literacy (GSR2109B) Week One MyStatLab Homework

Week One MyStatLab Homework

Due by Day 7. There is a MyStatLab assignment due in Weeks One through Five of this course. MyStatLab is a diagnostic lab that provides customized instruction and practice based on what the program determines that the students know. Each assignment contains 20-25 multiple choice questions with the following tools available: Help Me Solve This, View an Example, Textbook, StatCrunch, Tech Help, Calculator, Ask My Instructor, Connect to a Tutor, and Instructor Tip. There is no time limit. Labs are to be completed on the MyStatLab system by Day 7 at 11:59 PM Mountain Time, but may be revised throughout the course. Each lab is worth eight percent.

MAT232: Statistical Literacy (GSR2109B)

MAT232: Statistical Literacy (GSR2109B)


 Chapter 1: Speaking of Statistics.

 Chapter 1: Multimedia Library.

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