Conduct a literature review on the topic marketing portal (a variety of publications, including journals and conferences). Each student should refer a minimum of 2 (one journal, one conference, at least one journal). The summary of the literature review should be clear, specific and capture the essence of the literature review conducted. This section specifies the objectives of the project in a clear and concise manner. Referencing: IEEE referencing styleNote: referencing materials should be from 2016 to 2018. Any source before 2016 will not be accepted. Word limit: 750 words View Less >>
Industry Based Project 1: Marketing Portal Through internet, it has become possible for enterprises to sell products via B2B marketing portals [7].With growth and expansion of a company, there are new marketing challenges that need to be faced from time to time. It becomes important for the franchisees and marketing and sales departments to operate with efficiency and effectiveness, taking into consideration the brand management standards. For an organization, a marketing portal can deliver efficiency so as to convert the department’s working methodologies.  The ‘Marketing Portal’ is a platform designed to help in getting better cost and time efficiency for the efforts spent on marketing. They are also called ‘Marketing Management System’ (MMS) or ‘Brand Management System’ (BMS). The other synonyms used are ‘Marketing Automation System’ and ‘Marketing Efficiency Cloud’[3]. The portal enables marketing outcomes such as brand integrity, marketing agility and productivity. Furthermore, these portals have brand-consistent content and enable automated and integrated marketing workflows. All the marketing products of a company are centralized into a single comprehensive marketing portal which allows users to order the products easily. Therefore, we can say that marketing portals help in handling sales and have a control over business collateral materials. These portals help companies to have a brand presence across many locations. Through this portal, it becomes easier to access assets such as images, layouts, web content as well as multimedia content relevant to the company in consideration. In other words, these portals offer a cloud-based platform for managing marketing. There are many benefits associated with marketing portals. These include: protection of the integrity of the brand, control of ordering process with appropriate order management tools, real-time marketing report by location/user/item, superior marketing results, protection of the brand and much more  Get solution

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