The following questions have to be answered only using the book Marketing Management by Kotler, 14th Edition do not use any other reference materials for this assignment. 1. Explain and elaborate on the new 4Ps of marketing using relevant examples 2. How do the new and old 4Ps compare. Explain the difference in perspective with appropriate examples 3. If a company wishes to enhance the value delivery process to the consumers what all can it possibly do. Explain using an appropriate example/s from the B2C process 4. Explain using appropriate examples the principles of STP (segmenting, targeting and positioning) with respect to a B2B organization. 5. What do you understand by IMC? Explain how you will conduct the entire campaign for a new product launch by P&G in India/Oman. 6. Please search for the article on ‘Marketing Myopia’ by Theodore Levitt and explain the context using a current example. 7. Choose an industry of your choice (Can be automobile, health etc) and do a complete analysis including SWOT using Porter’s model. Kindly give a specific focus to the marketing environment 8. Take a Company of your choice, select a product/brand of the Company and develop a Marketing Strategy including a marketing mix for that brand after going through the various steps in the Planning Process.To get a thorough feel of the task, it is advisable to choose a multi-business Company having diverse businesses, each with several Product Lines and many different Brands in each Product Line. Above questions to be answered using any example of the company who are using these strategies. Each question to be answered with different companies For eg : if you are answering 1st question using P&G company don’t use the same for 2nd Question. View Less >>
Due to the increase of complexity in the holistic marketing concept, the old 4Ps namely product, price, place, and promotion classified by McCarthy become insignificant in explaining all the basics of marketing in the present world, thus giving birth to the new and improved 4Ps – people, processes, programs, and performance. Get solution

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