Students are required to produce an individual assignment using data provided. Data is available onMA508 Moodle shell in the folder named [Data set]. You need to use Business Statistics theory, concepts, tools and terminology that you have learned from weeks 1 to 5 to analyse the data and to write up the assignment.Data set [ABZ-Customer & Sales data] is from a global corporation. The business sells categories of products including DVD, CD, and books which include Classical, Novel, Politics, and bestsellers.You have been given a data set which includes two sheets and the data is inclusive of 400 days of trading.1. The first datasheet labeled [customer attributes] lists the results of an online survey given to customers. a. The variables include: i. Customer ID ii. “Gender” – male or female iii. Marital status (Married, single) iv. Agev. Type of customer (regular, promotional) vi. Region that they come from (east, west, south, north) vii. Payment which defined customers’ payment methods (Paypal, credit) viii. Source (web, email) ix. Amount of customer’s pay x. Product that they have purchased (Best select, CD, Classical, DVD, Novel,Politics). 2. The second datasheet labelled [Sales] lists some financial data. a. The variables include: i. Days of transaction ii. Opening Gross Sales iii. Total Gross sales for the days. iv. Price over earning ratio v. Gross profit margin (%) vi. Revenue ($000) View Less >>
1. Introduction: The following study is based on data business statistics, terminology, tools, theories, concepts for evaluating data. The given secondary data is XYZ-customer and sales data has been fetched from a ‘Global corporation’. The concerned business sells different kind of electronic goods like CD, DVD and books categorically classical, politics, novel and bestsellers. The study focuses on analysing of different type of problems that can occur in a business and finding out solutions for better business opportunities. These are discussed in details in the following sections.2. Problem definition and business intelligence:The analytical thesis and approach examines the main research questions relevant to the study. The research questions examine the primary threats in the business. The trimming of these threats helps in increasing sales and earning more profit. The primary business threats are- To find the top and least selling brand categories. To find the contrast between the total gross sales of different brands. To find the ratio of purchase amount with respect to gender. To find the differences of choice of product categories with respect to age.3. Types of data used and measurement scales:The study concerns two types of data sheet. The first set of data contains the traits of the customers collected from an online survey. The second set of data contains financial details. The variables in the first data sheet are mostly unconditional in nature. The variables in the second data sheet are analytical (numeral). The study is based on quantitative analysis. The analytical data is represented with interval scale. Get solution

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