Literature Review On “Factor Influencing The Supervision Of Nursing Students Administering Medication: The registered nurse perspective”. Literature review. Compare two literature and get the findings. (700 words) View Less >>
Introduction:     The paper mainly presents a comparison of two different literatures and the literatures are based on the topic of nursing students and their approach to medication. In this prospect the role of the clinical facilitator supervising the registered nurses to medication approach is also accessed. This mainly brings in a discussion of how the nursing students treat the aspect of medication, what are issues in this prospect, what are the challenges, what are the scopes, what are the findings and other in this prospect. The two articles are also attached at the end of the paper so that it is easy to refer to both the articles and also it is easy to have an in-depth understanding of the same. The paper has been presented in various paragraphs so that it is easy to get hold of all the important facts and issues and also an interpretation and study of the same can be facilitated. Findings:  Major issue 1 Based on the two literatures on the same subject it is known that often it is seen that the clinical facilitator does not provide an upright and up to the mark supervision towards the RN in their approach of medication (Vaismoradi et al. 2014). The RN needs more exposure and focus and also assistance to know about medication administration but that is not always done perfectly as the clinical facilitator does not do their basic duty and also do not carry forward their responsibility towards medication administration by the nursing students.  Get solution

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