Liberal maths assignment

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Introduction to Liberal maths Assignments

Liberal art maths is designed to address and asses the proficiencies specified within the content standards for traditional pathway. It provides students opportunities to apply knowledge and skills to complex real world situation thorough the completion performances tasks modeling the structure approach used in PARC.

Liberal maths Assignments

Liberal maths Assignments

Expert tutors from Acemywork will take you liberal maths to explore basic algebraic fundamental such as evaluating, creating, solving and graphing, linear, quadratic, and polynomial functions. It also focuses on skills and methods of linear quadratic, coordinate, and plane geometry. Through studying liberal maths student will gain solid experience with geometric calculation and coordinate graphing, methods for formal proof, and the techniques of construction. Furthermore, students will extend their knowledge of statistical data represented in distribution and graphical interpretations and students will explore similarity and congruence of polygons as well as area and volume of three dimensional solids.


Liberal maths assignment

Liberal maths assignment

Students who study liberal maths should master the following at the end of their courses:

  • Evaluate and solve quadratic equations and inequalities using graphing, factoring, quadratic formula, and completing the square.
  • Solve and graph single variable, absolute value, and linear equations and inequalities.
  • Solve linear, quadratic and exponential systems using graphing, substitution, or elimination.
  • Understand and know how to apply the distance, midpoint, and slope formulas as the Pythagorean theorem
  • Form an equation of a line using slope intercept, point-slope and understand forms of line.
  • Apply basic fundamental rules of exponents.

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General problem solving in liberal maths

Liberal maths problems rarely resembles the type of problems we face in everyday life. In this math’s you are told exactly which formula or procedure to  use, and given exactly the information you need to answer the question in real life, problem solving require identifying an appropriate formula or procedure and determine what information you will need to answer the questions.  will focus on problem solving process, and explore how to use these ideas to solve problems where we don’t have perfect information. The following are powerful algebraic ideas:

  • Percent: percent literally means “per 100” when we write 30% this is equivalent to 40/100. Percent can be found from equivalent decimal by moving the decimal point two places to the right
  • Rates: a rate is the ratio (fraction) of two quantities. A unit rate is rate with denominator of one
  • Proportion equation: A proportion equation is an equation showing the equivalence of two rates or ratios.

Geometry in liberal maths.

In liberal methods you will  understand geometry to solve problems: apply formulas to solve perimeter, area, surface area and volume problems, solve problems using similar triangles and Pythagorean theorem, describe study of topology and its importance, describe the study of networks and importance, recognize and create tiling’s. And recognize when geometry is applicable to real life situation, solve real life problems, and communicate real life problems and solution to others.

Set theory in liberal maths assignments

Set theory is natural  for us to classify items into groups, or sets, and consider how those sets overlap with each other we can use these sets to understand relationship between groups and to analyze  survey data. Set is a collection of distinct objects called elements of a set. gives you the following objective of learning set theory

  • Describe memberships of sets, including the empty set, using proper notation, and decide whether given items are members and determine the cardinality of given set.
  • Describe the relations between sets regarding membership, equality, subset, and proper subset, using proper notation.
  • Perform the operations of union, intersection, complement and difference on set using proper notation
  • Recognize when set theory is applicable in real life situation, solve real life problems and communicate solution to others.

Statistic in liberal maths assignments

Statistic are often presented in an effort to add credibility to an argument or advice. This section of liberal maths will help you learned statistical essential it will make you into an intelligent consumer of statistical claims. gives you the following topics in statistics:

  • Population and samples: before gathering and analyzing data characterizing the population should be done. Population of a study group the collected data is intended to describe
  • Categorizing data: once you’ve gathered data you might classify it. It can be classified as categorical data or quantitative data. Categorical data are pieces of information that allow us to classify the objects under investigation whereas quantitative data are responses that are numerical in nature and with which we can perform meaningful arithmetic calculations.
  • Describing data: once we have collected data from surveys or experiments, we need to summarize and present data then explore numerical summaries of data

Probability in liberal maths assignments

The probability of event is the chance or likelihood it will occur there are several ways of viewing probability provides you with the following

  • Experimental- this is where experiment is conducted repeatedly.
  • Subjective –this is in other word an educated guess. Subjective probability may not be worth much
  • Theoretical probability-it is defined as suppose there is a situation with an equally likely possible outcomes and that m of those n outcomes correspond to a particular event.

Logic in liberal maths

Logic is a systematic way of thinking that allows us to deduce new information from old information and parse the time meaning of sentence.  You use logic informally in everyday life and certainly also in doing mathematics. In liberal math you will learn the following in logic:

  • Identify and make, and interpret logical statements in English and symbolic notation
  • Express and interpret logical quantities and their negations
  • Express and interpret connectives in English and symbolic notations
  • Express and interpret the propositions of condone, converse, inverse, and contrapositive in English and symbolic notation.
  • Construct and interpret truth tables to evaluate the truth value of a compound statement, determine whether or not two statements are logically equivalent, and determine the validity of an argument
  • Recognize when logic is applicable to real life situations, solve real life problems, and communicate real life problems and solutions to others.

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