Reflect on a recent clinical practice experience* where you have observed a situation that has demonstrated either exemplary leadership in action or where leadership was inadequate during the care and management of clients and / or staff. Your essay should include an outline of the situation / incident (this is not included in the word limit) detailing the relevant events associated with the incident / situation, so that the reader clearly understands the situation and associated issues.Identify who was involved (e.g. staff nurse, ward sister, unit manager, doctor),what occurred, challenges faced and the outcome. Make sure you de-identify any information so that the people and venue involved remain anonymous. View Less >>
This situation is a typical reminder of how not every manager can be a good leader. As you have seen various cases of clinical and/or professional leadership being set in front of me,this particular case has gained the utmost remembrance in my mind.The reflective essay is representing a critical analysis on the subject of nursing leadership,the desired leadership style as well as the important skills needed to become good leader inthe nursing context. The contextual focus of this essay is on transformational leadership theory and critical analysis of the clinical practice scenario using this theory of leadership.Besides, this essay will demonstrate a comprehensive analysis using Gibbs’ reflective cycle emphasizing on the significant value of leadership as well as management styles being the drivers for change for good. Moreover, the implications for my leadership practice will be apart of this essay. Get solution

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