Based on your professional experience/s, reflect on a time when either a situational or contingent leadership approach was adopted (either by you or by your leader/manager). Analyse the effectiveness and ethical implications of the approach in the particular situation and evaluate another leadership approach that might have resulted in a different outcome in that situation. View Less >>
I work at Healthcare Australia and understood how a number of professional groups, specialists and departments interact together in a complex system in order to form a multidisciplinary staff. Based on my professional experience, I have noticed how my leader adopted contingent leadership and helped me to bring a significant change in the way I handle my situations. Along with this, my leader adopted various leadership styles that helped in capitalizing the diversity within the organization so that resources can be utilized efficiently in order to design a management process to achieve a common goal. The contingent model of leadership basically means that there is no best style of leadership and the styles of leadership should be adopted based on the situations and how effective the chosen style will be on that situation(Spinelli, 2006). However, on adopting the path goal theory, my leader ensured that Healthcare Australia works towards achieving a common goal. One of the central factor of team management is considered to be leadership that has an observation in terms of medical emergencies. The recommendations of medical terms are decided after constructive studies.My manager worked on understanding different medical emergency terms with that of other medical teams in order to understand the leadership style that needs to be adopted. The best approach that needs to be adopted depends on the contingency factors that helps in understanding the situation and the people that are involved in the situation. The contingent model has certain factors that has effects the situations of leadership in terms of the position and interpersonal relationship of the leader. Based on the inception of the theory the variables need to be evolved and tested. In terms of predicting performance, the theory seems to be adopted by the leaders based on the emergency situations. The main aim is to have a task structure, position power and various level of control. The various characteristics of medical emergencies helps in understanding the situational factors that helps in the measurement of  Get solution

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