Reflecting on your own experience as a health practitioner or leader, analyse a situation where the organisation that you were working in underwent a planned change. Evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies that the leadership team implemented to facilitate the change. Your reflection should include a focus on the concepts of resistance to change and ethical leadership. View Less >>
Introduction The course of our life has always been changing. The organizational change is also very common. However, the perfect and efficient leadership makes it smoother and easier (Hayes, 2018). I am working as a medical practitioner, and I give the nursing care in a reputed hospital in the UK. The administration and the organization have been going through certain changes that can affect the usual convenience of the staffs of the hospital.Nevertheless, we have to adopt it. I found the leaders and managers supportive as they are formulating the new strategies and implementing them very efficiently to facilitate the changes. If the leaders can assess the problems and the sources of the comfortlessness of the staffs, they should take the initiatives to rectify the structure of the administration so that the employees can adapt with the changes very easily. The leaders and the managerial heads are advising the staffs how to transform the process and thought of work culture to cope up with the organizational changes (Petrou, Demerouti, &Schaufeli, 2018). Change managementHornstein, (2015) suggested that the organization or change of management requires a change in leadership development to guide the staffs as they can maximize the business result gained from the changes. The contribution of the staffs is very important for the overall growth of any organization. Therefore, the initiatives should be taken to increase the individual capability of the employees with the change of the management. On the other hand, Kash et al., (2014) suggested that leadership skill is an important factor and a successful leader has to possess the ability to inspire the employees and clients by modifying the work culture and changing the mindset during the change process. We got the personal transformation training for the transformational development of the team. The strategic decisions and disciplines are very important and vital for these changes so that a masterful embodiment of the change leadership can derive success. The training that helped us mainly focused on the creating personalized strategy and integrating personal changes with the organizational changes. When the extra maternity wards and nephrology wards were expanding the workload for the workers was also increased. The night shifts were allocated for the staffs who, only did the duty in the daytime. The staffs were feeling annoyed if the unwanted night shifts were offered to them. However, the leaders made us understand about the necessity of those wards as well as our commitment to the jobs. The nursing caregivers should be devoted to their duty, and the continuous learning procedure must be applied  Get solution

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