1. In the Article written by Sumsion what were the emotions expressed by Pia throughout the research Project. What do you think caused the emotions?? (150 words ) 2. What are the characteristics of a collaborative partnership with families as stated by ECA Australia?(List as many as you can ) 3. What does the Australian Early Development Census tell us about working in Early Childhood Settings? View Less >>
Solution: After completion of her graduation, Pia started working as teacher–director of a Department of School Education in Sydney. Throughout the research project, Pia was aware of the limits prescribed by the academic institution. She was especially well aware of expectations due to limited involvement of parents and her definite duties and responsibilities as a teacher. She expressed that other school staff were much older than her and parents wondered who she was. Pia struggled to control her emotions; however she tried on organizing equilibrium between needs and honor beliefs. Get solution

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