1) What is bullying and why does it occur? Are there aspects of the ECEC environment that could contribute to people using bullying behaviour ? What are they ? 150 words 2)What did the research undertaken by Carol Burgess and reported in her paper entitled Practice Potentials : Impact of participation in professional development and support on quality outcomes for children in childcare centres find? 150 words 3) What is duty of care ? How does it affect early childhood services ? What might happen if Duty of Care is not met ?150 words 4)What does this code of ethics say to you ? Is it applicable for all the children , staff and families in a service? Are there aspects which you feel are not appropriate? Why ? Are there things there that you had not considered before ??? 150 WORDS View Less >>
The duty of care refers to the responsibility of an individual to be reasonably careful when they deal with others. In the early childhood services, teachers as well as other members of staff in the school are responsible for taking sensible measures for providing protection to the students from dangers of damage or harm or any kind, together with those who might be encountered within the learning Get solution

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