The topic is leadership and innovation in health care system nursing practice. The topic chosen, prevent urinary tract infection in IU department with monitor by electronic chartingPlease be careful about the citations. To prevent most common Hospital-associated infection which is Catheter-associated urinary tract infection among Intensive Care Unit with proper catheter care every shift or PRN and do electronic charting or documentation for the monitor. Briefly introduce your own suggested nursing practice change alongside what supports the change. You should outline what you are going to discuss in the assignment. As a whole, the introduction should describe clearly WHAT the change is, and WHY it is being or has been introduced. Don’t go into too much detail here but you should mention leadership, innovation, and change management. You should discuss here why leadership is important in enacting change, including reference to at least two leadership models/theories as well as traits. You should identify their strengths and weaknesses and tell the reader why you have chosen the leadership theory you think works best and why the other one does not. Explain the leadership theory or model you think works best for the change you are discussing and explain how this model would work in practice. View Less >>
Modernization and advancements in medical science making healthcare care systems to face a large number of challenges in order to deliver cost-effective health care services. Patient disease acuity and rise in health care costs are some of the problems identified to be addressed. However, it is important to improve the quality of nursing healthcare services that might result in alteration of the existing theories and models. Therefore, leadership and innovation in the healthcare system are necessary to resolve the existing health care problems with critical evaluation and design a new role for nursing professionals. This project highlights the key decisions that affect the consequences of a patient’s lives by providing navigating nursing services. Get solution

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