law; business law

Law : Business Law

Contract Law

Legal advise on 3 different cases
1. The Contents of a Contract
2. The Validity of a Contract
3. Discharge of Contract


Problem Question B3 (Discharge of Contract):

John and Evelyn are due to be married. They book the wedding reception at the Shell Hotel for 200 guests. The manager of the hotel assures them that the guests will be seated in the main dining room with a clear view of the happy couple at the top table.

After the wedding ceremony, John and Evelyn arrive at the reception but John finds that some of his relatives have been placed in the adjoining conservatory, without a view of the top table. He is extremely unhappy about the situation and informs the manager of his disappointment.

During the evening, a large number of guests suffer from a severe bout of food poisoning. Subsequent analysis shows that this is the result of the hotel failing to cook the chicken properly for the reception. Evelyn is so ill that she is unable to go on their honeymoon to Iceland the following week. John books a fortnight’s holiday in Bermuda to start next month instead and claims that the hotel should pay the price.

Consider the potential liability of the Shell Hotel.


law; business law

law; business law

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