Using the Kiwi Experience product demonstrate your understanding of the first time zone and the steps a consumer may take when selecting [or not selecting] this product. Ensure you also discuss how expectations influence customer satisfaction. Identify the product components within the Kiwi Experience product; rank them by importance; justify your decisions. Identify the most important [relevant] product considerations and then discuss the implications, from the perspective of a marketing practitioner, each selected product consideration. View Less >>
There is a total of three zones which have a different impact on customer purchase behaviour. The first zone out of the three zones highly influences customer choices and preferences along with their purchase behaviour which is referred to the procedure how a prospective or potential customer searches, evaluate, and selects a product for further making the purchase. Kiwi Experience is a well-renowned service provider as it sells valuable products to meet the customer level of satisfaction. Six product considerations will be evaluated: Product mix and product line: The KE Company must identify the needs and wants of the customer to achieve the long term success. It has been identified that more than 50%ofthe tourists of the particular country are over 45 years so, leveraging the youth-backpacker may disengage the large per cent of the people which constitutes a large share of the market (Pearce, 2016). Get solution

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