Kinematic Bicycle Model

Kinematic Bicycle Model

Kinematic Bicycle Model

Kinematics bicycle model is one of the branches of kinematics. It can be a challenging subject and more often, students need help on doing their assignments on this topic. The topic is full of complex calculation, graphs and equations, which might not be clear to every student. Kinematic bicycle model is applied in many areas of physics. HIRE WRITERS ONLINE.

Kinematic Bicycle Model

Kinematic Bicycle Model

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An overview of kinematics

Kinematics is a branch of physics which aims to describe the motion of a body and its constituents. Everything around us is in motion.

Below are some of the subtopics in kinematics:

  • Displacement
  • Velocity
  • Acceleration


Displacement is the vector difference of the starting point of an object and its end. Displacement of an object is measured in a straight line, from its start to its end.  It is said to be path independent. A lot of people confuse displacement with the total distance covered, which is wrong. The standard unit of displacement meters. Since displacement is a vector, it has both magnitude and size. For example, 100 mile is a distance while 1000 miles south of the origin is a displacement.


Velocity is a vector that shows the rate of motion and its direction. The direction of velocity is similar to that of displacement.  Velocity can further be divided to:

  • Instantaneous velocity
  • Average velocity

Difference between average and instantaneous velocity

Instantaneous velocity refers to the specific rate of change of position with respect to time at a single time. Average velocity refers to the average rate of change of position, with respect to time over an interval.

Units of velocity

The SI unit for velocity is meters per second. Other units include kilometres per hour, miles per hour and kilometres per second.

Velocity and speed

Velocity and speed are distinct concepts. Many people use velocity and speed them to mean the same thing, which is wrong. This is because speed does not have direction. Therefore, it is a scalar quantity, unlike velocity, which is a vector quantity.

 Velocity formula

The most popular formula for velocity is


r is the speed or rate

d is the distance

t is the time taken to cover the distance moved


Acceleration refers to the rate at which an object changes its velocity. If an object is changing its velocity, then it is said to be accelerating.

Kinematic Bicycle Model

Kinematic Bicycle Model

Constant acceleration

Constant acceleration is when the velocity of an object changes by a constant amount each second. An object with a constant velocity does not accelerate. If you don’t change your speed and direction, you are not accelerating, even when you are moving very fast.

 Scalar and vector quantities

Scalar quantities are the physical quantities specified by size or magnitude. They include speed, length, mass, density and work.

Vector quantities refer to physical quantities which have both magnitude and direction. They include force, momentum, displacement, velocity, torque and acceleration.

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