What do you mean by SDLC (System Development Life Cycle)? The SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) offers a systematic process for the development and delivering software applications from the inception to accomplishment. There are several SDLC methodologies that can be utilized for the delivery of projects. Different types of SDLC model involve waterfall model, V model, Iterative model, spiral model, agile model and others. It is defined as a mechanism in the software industry to develop, design and test the top-quality software. It involves different phases such as planning phase, analysis phase, design phase, implementation phase and maintenance phase. Advantages and Disadvantages of SDLC Some of the major advantages of SDLC are: It improves the monitoring and control of large projects like in case of Auto-Parts Warehouse Management System It is formed regarding the well-detailed The orderly sequence regarding the steps of development as well as strict controls assures the adequacy related to the documentation. The design reviews assist to assure the reliability, maintainability and quality of the developed solution or software. The cost and progress of the development of the system, the targets regarding completion are measurable. Some of the major disadvantages of SDLC are: It increases the cost and time of the development. It makes it hard to estimate the cost regarding the project. The performance regarding the system can’t be tested before the completion of the coding. It also increases the amount of the documentation as time advances. Adaptive SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) model Adaptive SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) model has evolved from the practices of RAD. Different aspects of the team were also added to these particular practices. This development approach has been used by many countries for their projects to get effective results. The practices related to adaptive software developed offers potential to accommodate change as well as are fully adaptable in the confused environments with different products evolving with very little learning and planning. Different phases of adaptive software development involve Speculate, collaborate and learn. These given three phases reflect the dynamic nature regarding the adaptive software development. The adaptive development unambiguously replaces the Determinism with the Emergence. Predictive SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) model Predictive SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) model is defined as an approach that assumes the planning of the project initially before starting the project and that the new system which can be established or developed as per planning is done initially. Different processes involve in traditional predictive approaches are an initiation, project planning, analysis, design, implementation as well as deployment. Comparison between Adaptive SDLC model and Predictive SDLC model Parameters Predictive Adaptive Phases Overlapping and sequential Parallel, sequential and overlapping High-level planning Yes Yes High-level scope Yes Yes Detailed Planning Rolling wave or at starting stage of the project. Only  of iteration When to use It is used only when the product is understood appropriately. It is used when the project is not understood appropriately, rapidly changing environments. Involvement of customer While changing scope and in beginning Continuous   Predictive Vs Adaptive, what will the best approach? The most famous solutions regarding the project management being deployed these days are predictive and adaptive. The adaptive is known as agile, and the predictive approach also referred to as the traditional or waterfall model. Both the approaches have their benefits and limitations. Their predictive approach is only considered as appropriate for the small projects and on the other hand; the adaptive methodology can be useful for the small as well as large projects also. For the small projects, the predictive approach can be very beneficial to get effective outcomes in the development of the project. To get detailed information regarding predictive SDLC approach and adaptive SDLC approach, you can easily hire our Assignment Help Sydney services through our website. To avail our services, you have to place an order first then our online experts will help you in completing your assignments with 100% original content and top-quality.

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