Introduction to Anatomy Experts

Introduction to Anatomy Experts

What is Anatomy?

Anatomy is a sub-discipline of biology. It focuses on parts and physical structures that make up living things. Anatomy is among the oldest medical sciences.  Studies in anatomy were originally done on monkeys and pigs before they could be done on human beings.

Introduction to Anatomy Experts

Introduction to Anatomy Experts

Anatomy can also be defined as the study of the inner parts of the body of living things. It helps us to get a deeper and clearer understanding of the interior of living things. Anatomy is an important area of study in medicine.

The main purpose of anatomy is to provide us with the concepts and understanding of the structure of living things and their organization.  It is one of the oldest branches of natural science and dates back to pre-historic times.

Anatomy and physiology are closely connected and are often confused. Physiology is the study of the functions of different parts of the body, individually or in combination with other parts of the system. On the other hand, anatomy focuses on studying the internal parts of living things.

Anatomy is divided into 3 major areas. They are:

  • Animal anatomy
  • Human anatomy
  • Plant anatomy

Anatomy focuses on gaining a clear description of each interior body organ and can be classified into two main parts;

  1. Microscopic Anatomy.
  2. Macroscopic Anatomy/ Gross Anatomy.

Microscopic Anatomy

Microscopic anatomy is the study of the structure of cells and tissues that make up a specific organ. It is also known as histology.  Independently, the study of cells is known as cytology or cellular biology. The study of tissues is known as histology. In microscopic anatomy, different types of microscopic instruments are used.

These instruments are the simple microscope, electron microscope, and compound microscope. In addition to the subject of study being microscopic cells and tissues, small samples of cells and tissues are used to conduct a study on the microanatomy of a particular organ.

In summary, anatomy describes how the body system operates and responds to different conditions. Anatomy focuses on the organ system in a healthy human body together with the interrelationships of the organ systems. It focuses on both the healthy and ill-healthy body.

Microscopic anatomy is used by scientists for:

  • Teaching – it is used in teaching labs to help students learn the microscopic structures in biological structures.
  • Diagnosis – microscopic anatomy is used by doctors to analyze tissue samples and biopsies.
  • Forensic investigations – microscopic anatomy is used in studying biological tissues to help in discovering the cause of death.
  • Autopsies – histology is used in studying tissues obtained from dead people to help forensic experts identify the cause of death
  • Archeology – histology is used to study biological samples obtained from archeological sites to provide information on the events that took place years ago.

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Macroscopic Anatomy

Macroscopic anatomy is also known as gross anatomy. It refers to the study of biological features that can be seen with the naked eye. Macroscopic anatomy involves dissection methods whereby organisms are cut open to allow scientists to study what’s on the inside.

Macroscopic anatomy focuses on gathering data about larger organs as well as organ systems. However, there are other less invasive methods of investigation. Technologies such as angiography are noninvasive.

Additionally, MRI scans, PET scans, X-rays, ultrasounds, and CT scans are other non-invasive methods of investigation used in macroscopy.  Both dental and medical students are required to dissect organisms as part of their practical work in the course of their studies.

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What are the Major Divisions of Anatomy?

Anatomy is divided into 3 major divisions which are:  plant anatomy, human anatomy, and animal anatomy. Anatomy is further subdivided into systems present in the living body. These systems are;

  1. Skeletal System – this is the anatomical study of the joints and bones found in living things. The skeletal system is the system responsible for protecting, supporting, and attaching the different body organs. The anatomy of the skeletal system is further subdivided into the axial skeletal system and the appendicular skeletal system.
  2. Digestive System – the digestive system entails studying the organs which are involved in the digestion, absorption, and excretion of food. The digestive system comprises organs initiating from the mouth and ending at the intestines.
  3. Respiratory System – The respiratory system consists of organs involved in respiration. There are three major parts of the respiratory system. They are the airways, lungs, and muscles.
  4. Immune system – The immune system is also known as the defense system of the body. The immune system is made up of organs that offer protection against infections caused by viruses, fungi, and bacteria that enter the human body and interfere with the normal functioning of the body.
  5. Integumentary system – the integumentary system comprises the organs present at the outer covering of the body and are often in touch with the environmental conditions. Examples of these organs are hair, skin, and nails.

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Categories of Anatomy covered by Our Introduction to Anatomy Experts

Anatomy can be divided into several categories. These are;

  • Physiological Anatomy

Physiological anatomy is also referred to as functional anatomy. This is because it is the branch that tackles the research of the organs based on their functions in physiology in the living body.

  • Comparative Anatomy

Comparative anatomy is the study of the similarities and differences in the anatomy of the different living species. The topics consist of comparative anatomy which focuses on the structures of microscopic anatomy in various species of animals.

  • Anthropological Anatomy

Anthropology is also known as physical anthropology.  This is an anatomy of the human races e.g., Homo erectus and Homo sapiens.

  • Human Anatomy

This type of anatomy deals with the scientific study of the morphology of the human body. This category of anatomy is taught using two approaches, the regional approach and the systematic approach. Under the regional approach, the body is divided into regions such as the arm, forearm, and wrist. In the systematic approach, different organs such as the skeleton system and nervous system are studied.

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Introduction to Anatomy Experts

Introduction to Anatomy Experts



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