Introduction The objective of this assessment is to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate capability in reviewing the literature and developing a research proposal Part A: Developing the research topic 1: Identify an aspect of applied management or information technology suitable for research. Identify a topic or issue you would like to research. a.Develop a concept map of the chosen topic area. This may be presented in a visual tool or in a bullet point structure and included in your submission for this assessment. You may find it useful to do initial brainstorming in groups, however, the concept map produced will be unique to you. Include a brief introduction. b.Identify topic areas from the concept map and briefly describe areas you think would be suitable for research (approx. 1 page/300 words). 2: Initial investigation For the topic areas identified source four quality peer reviewed research papers. Papers on the copurse site can be used – but must be augmented by your own reading. The papers will be full Conference or Journal papers (not proposals or short papers) and are to have been published within the last ten years with at least two less than three years old. Two of the papers must involve qualitative research methods and two quantitative methods. (Note some papers may include both). List the four papers using correct APA referencing, and for each paper: Write a two paragraph summary. This is not a copy of the abstract, introduction or conclusion, and will not include any quoted text, but what you think the paper is about. Identify which research method(s) (quantitative and/or qualitative) and methodology has been used. 3: Research questions Develop at least three possible research questions in your chosen topic area, and for each describe the purpose of the research and identify the significance of the research. The research question should be who, what, when, where or why, and not structured so that there is a simple yes or no answer. It needs to solve a problem relevant to the measurement of social performance by non-profit organisations in Hawkes Bay. The purpose of the research is stated after the problem. It supports the problem and clarifies the knowledge that will be generated. It needs to be stated clearly and objectively. The significance of the research makes a statement about why the research is important and is outlined according to: Who has interest in this issue? What is already known? What has not been answered? How your study will contribute to practice? 4: Discussion Prepare a brief PowerPoint presentation (or equivalent) and using this lead an oral discussion on your chosen topic emphasising your research questions. After the discussion, modify any slides from the feedback if necessary and add an additional slide (or slides) that summarises points raised during the discussion. Please note you are not giving a lesson on your topic. Part B: Critical review of two research papers Using the Reviewer Feedback Template (Appendix A, and available in EITOnline) critically evaluate two of the papers identified in Initial investigation part. Both qualitative and quantitative methods must be included. Papers must be accessible online or you will need to upload a copy of the paper to the separate upload link in EITOnline. View Less >>
Introduction: There has been a substantial growth in the enrollment of international students in New Zealand by 13% as on 2015. With the advent of globalization, students are alarmingly participating in overseas education it has been suggested that the demand for higher education has been increasing which will reach nearly 193,000 in 2024 (Burgess, Coffey & Deeter, 2016). With the increase in the enrollment of students in the different foreign university, there would be Get solution

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