INTRODUCTION Assume that you are an economic consultant hired by an international organization/government to provide your expert advice on conditions pertaining to international trade in Italy and Sweden. Your analysis will consist of two separate reports (one for Assignment 1 and the other for Assignment 2). As an expert, your job is two-fold:1. You are required to analyze any relevant issue using your technical skills. This involves utilizing your knowledge in international trade models as well as inspecting and interpreting data.2. You need to communicate your results in an effective way. The purpose of this exercise is to assess your aptitudes in each domain. You will evaluate the trading conditions in these countries (Italy and Sweden) based on the scenarios detailed in each question in this Assignment. Your analysis will form the basis for a short report to the international organization/government body—summarising your recommendations and the associated rationale. View Less >>
A Simple Analysis of Openness for Italy and Sweden: Openness index is the common measure of exports and imports of goods and services in the country. The total amount is dividing by GDP(Gross Domestic Product). The larger amountor ratio is exposing the international trade of a country. Gross Domestic Product measures the overall economic value of a country. Gross Domestic Product(GDP) measures the monetary value of a country of all final goods and services. The formula of GDP is that GDP = C + I +G + (X – M) , where C=consumption, I= gross investment, I=Government investment, X=exports, M= imports.Here we will discuss the openness trade of Italy and Sweden. Get solution

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