Chapter 1:Tim Williams placed the phone gently back in its cradle. He sat for a moment, not sure whether he felt excitement or sheer terror. Or, could it be he was feeling both? Kellie Mathews, his partner in Global Technology Solutions (GTS), had just told Tim that Husky Air, a business air charter company, was very interested in having them develop an information system. This was the moment Tim had been waiting for – their first client! Before Husky Air will sign a contract, however, they need to know what GTS will deliver, how much it will cost, and when the project will be completed. As the project’s manager, Tim knows that getting this contract is important. Husky Air would be the company’s first, and so far, only client. Time also understands that a successful project could lead to other work with Husky Air. Moreover, a verbal or written recommendation would provide additional credibility to help GTS get its foot in the door with other potential clients. Chapter 2: Tim Williams sat across from Kellie Matthews as the waiter brought their orders and refilled the water glasses. After the waiter left, Tim handed a folder with GTS embossed on the cover to Kellie. “I’ve been giving this a great deal of thought,” Tim said as he reached for the peppershaker. Kellie began to look over the contents of the folder while Tim waited. “It’s a methodology that I’m working on to help us organize the Husky Air project,” Tim explained. “In fact,” he added, “I think we can use it as a blueprint for all of our projects. Of course, I’m trying to make it flexible so we can add to it or change it over time as we learn better ways of doing things.” View Less >>
The agile project management is a method used for determining the needs of information technology and engineering development project through interaction pattern. This method is also called as the extreme project management. In this method the approach is totally differs from the traditional method management style because it allows you to have ideas of correct plan and changes. The traditional approach will take much time to complete the project like months and it may take even years.  But in agile project management it breaks the activities down into smaller time line frame in days. The various tools are involved in the agile project management to make it effective. Get solution

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